Our advice on buying your first home.

June 5, 2020 Lauria Inmobiliaria

The ones that know us know that behind Lauria there's a lovely team of people and there's many times where we get approached by our friends or relatives asking for advice on how to navigate the property market for the first time. From our team to you; this is what we tell them. 

Truth is that the search for a home can be an exhausting process viewing various homes in a day or sometimes, in a few hours. That shouldn't make us forget our intuition, we always remind people to listen to it and if you didn't get a nice feeling from the start; there is a chance you won't get it later. 

This is an important matter; nice flooring, white walls, a great storage system should not be at the top of the list when buying a house; those things can be tweaked later on and it will surely add on to the value of the property. The priorities should be location, orientation, number of rooms...whatever you value the most and can't be changed at all. 


In Lauria, we suggest you focus on your needs right now, on what your life is needing at this exact moment when looking for a house. Projecting your future life in the long term is not the most practical when buying a property; it can lead you to buy a bigger house without all those priorities mentioned above and end up for a few years with a lot of extra space not actually being used. 

Of course the emotional value of our home is great, but the economical value of it will help on adjusting the space we live in to our life changes. Take it into consideration.

An specialised team of professionals that can help with paperwork, negotiations and actually knowing your personal situation and being able to protect and respect it will smooth the process. We get involved in every single step of the way with great sense of responsibility and the respect that it deserves. We are on the same boat. 

Here you won't feel the pressure to take any decission you are not ready for yet. But the moment you feel the house you viewed can be your home, we recommend you not to let it slip away; if you loose it you probably won't find the same house again. So trust the team and the process and go forward when you feel it's the time.